The My Brother’s Keeper Team met to review outcomes and hear an address from Shreveport mayor Adrian Perkins. After Clay Walker walked through the presentation, Mayor Perkins spoke to the group:

When President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper in 2014 it was with young men like me in mind. We all know that sometimes an extra nudge is needed for some of us to reach our greatest potential. That is what this effort does for our young boys through partnerships across this city. If we can deter youth from the justice system at an early age, we can improve their chances for successful outcomes in life. Let’s stay the course, continue to rally around these young men and help them defy the odds as they march on to great success. Laura Alderman, executive director of Step Forward, and Dr. Raymond Hicks have been the wind behind this initiative in our city. Support them and help keep our young people on the right track.