Four members of the NWLA Teen Advisory Committee were featured on the International Youth Foundation’s blog to answer questions about education.

Robert, Lillie, Annika, and Jaden have big ambitions. Seventeen-year-old classmates from Shreveport, Louisiana, Robert wants to go to law school, Lillie aspires to be a radiologist, and Annika plans to be an entrepreneur. Sixteen-year-old Jaden from neighboring Bossier City has her sights on being an engineer. They’re all members of a Teen Advisory Committee created through IYF’s LEAPS initiative to foster leadership and ensure that local planning and programming account for young people’s needs and perspectives.


These four are smart, articulate, and curious to learn—but they’re also anxious and not totally confident they’re prepared for life after senior year. As we approach International Youth Day, which, on August 12, 2019, will focus on transforming education, the teenagers share their thoughts on the theme.