TBRI Fridays:

TBRI® Fridays is a 4-part series of multi-disciplinary trainings designed to give caregivers, volunteers, and professionals who serve children and families the knowledge and practical skills they need to bring hope and healing. TBRI® Fridays trainings will alternate between a TBRI® Intro and Overview and a “deep dive” into one of the TBRI® Principles. After attending an Intro and Overview, participants are eligible to attend any of the “deep dives” into Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting Principles.

TBRI Fridays Dates and topics:
Friday, January 10th TBRI® Empowering Principles*
Friday, February 14th TBRI® Introduction & Overview
Friday, March 13th TBRI® Correcting Principles*
Friday, April 3rd** TBRI® Introduction & Overview
Friday, May 8th TBRI® Connecting Principles*
Friday, June 12th TBRI® Introduction & Overview

*Participants must attend TBRI® Introduction and Overview prior to attending this training

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Topic Descriptions:

Parenting is challenging, particularly when you are parenting a child from a hard place. Children from hard places include children who experienced distress in the womb or during delivery, were hospitalized early in life, were abused or neglected, or experience trauma, whether natural or man-made. TBRI® Introduction & Overview will focus on understanding the meaning of child behaviors, the brain chemistry of a child from a hard place, and how to help children and families heal and connect.

TBRI® Connecting Principles will provide and in-depth look at connection and attachment and will give you strategies and skills for helping children and families heal.

TBRI® Empowering Principles will provide an in-depth look at ways to empower your children by meeting their unique physical needs and creating an environment in which they can succeed. This session includes information on sensory processing and practical tools and skills to help children regulate their emotions and behaviors.

TBRI® Correcting Principles will provide an in-depth look at strategies for correcting behaviors.