During a February meeting, the Caddo Parish Commission signed onto the Resolution for Early Childhood Education. The resolution was created during the first NWLA Early Childhood Policy Summit which created two strategies:

  1.  to create and disseminate a consistent community message on early brain development and the implications for society-at-large.
  2. to identify, link together, improve and expand all systems to strengthen families, and to promote quality and affordable childcare and kindergarten readiness. 

Step Forward and the Community Foundation of North Louisiana hosted the NWLA Early Childhood Policy Summit in the fall of 2019. During the summit, more than 60 participants representing elected officials, department heads, CEOs, and community leaders gathered for three days to learn the importance of early childhood education, where Northwest Louisiana stands in Kindergarten Readiness and drafted goals to directly improve Kindergarten Readiness in Northwest Louisiana. To date, multiple legislative representatives have signed the Resolution for Early Childhood Education, and more than $150,000 has been committed to school readiness tax credits.