The Step Forward movement will analyze data to identify programs that get better results and report to the community. Our team will advocate for resources to sustain what works. Using data driven, evidence-based decision making for children from cradle to career, Step Forward will reach for active citizenship and academic success for a vibrant community.

Our Goals:

  • Be PREPARED for school
  • Be SUPPORTED inside and outside school
  • SUCCEED academically
  • Be EQUIPPED with tools to become an effective and productive citizen
  • ENROLL in post secondary education

Our Objectives:

Early Childhood All children are prepared for success in school
K – 8 All children achieve academically and socially
High School All students are prepared to embark on a chosen life pathway
Post-Secondary All students are prepared for the career of their choosing
Economic All students are employed by the age of 25
Civic All students are registered to vote at the age of 18
Service All students complete one independent service project by the end of high school

Early Childhood Education

Purpose Statement

All children should enter kindergarten prepared. The Early Childhood Network is dedicated to using data and leveraging existing resources in order to enhance collaborative partner services so that children are effectively prepared to successfully enter school ready to learn.

Early Literacy

Purpose Statement

One of Step Forward’s desired outcomes is ensuring that all children are literate by third grade, measured by English/Language Arts proficiency. The Early Literacy Network will use data, leverage regional partnerships and share evidence-based practices to provide the best opportunities for third-grade students to score at or above grade level on the state assessment.

Middle Grade STEM

Purpose Statement

As a community unified to connect students to the 21st century workforce, we focus on improving STEM education for our students by achieving math and science proficiency, as well as by increasing awareness of and access to STEM opportunities in the community.

Youth Citizenship / High School Graduation – My Brother’s Keeper

Purpose Statement

Step Forward’s My Brother’s Keeper network will work to ensure that all youth are safe from violence and do not participate in criminal activity.  At any and every possible point of behavioral intervention (including but not limited to school discipline, law enforcement, and/or juvenile justice contact), all youth should receive equal, balanced, and developmentally appropriate responses. Youth who are at risk for involvement, or are involved, in the juvenile justice system should receive the education, training, and treatment they need for an opportunity to succeed.   The My Brother’s Keeper Network will use data, leverage regional partnerships, and share evidence-based practices to provide the best opportunities for all youth to reach their full potential. The My Brother’s Keeper Network should seek input and feedback from the youth recipients of interventions.


Purpose Statement

Related to the Step Forward outcome/indicator of individuals being employed by age 25, the Workforce Network is dedicated to positively impacting the workforce by partnering with businesses, educators and other stakeholders to increase employment and ultimately enhance the economic viability of the citizens within Bossier, Caddo and DeSoto parishes.