Workforce Development


Post-secondary training and education are critical for young adults to prepare for a career and successfully enter the workforce. Our goal is to improve post-secondary enrollment, post-secondary completion, and employment for ages 16-24, so that all young adults in our community “thrive by 25” thereby enhancing economic vitality.

Collaborative Action Projects:

  • Develop a marketing toolkit for 16-24-year olds
  • Conduct employer surveys to identify NWLA’s high-demand, high-wage jobs
  • Develop resource brochure to assist 16-24-year olds with post-secondary training/educational opportunities and life resources
  • Produce a video speakers’ series “How to Succeed in Work and Life: Advice from Community Leaders” featuring local business and community leaders offering young people advice on career preparation
  • Plan and implement annual “Education to Career” Fair to connect high school students and young adults with colleges and employers offering high demand, high wage education, training and employment


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How to Succeed in Work and Life: Advice from Community Leaders:

How to Fill Out the FAFSA

FAFSA Overview


Step Forward Workforce Committee Marketing Report

Education to Career Fair Outcome Report

NWLA Employer Workforce Needs Survey

College Student Life Needs Survey Results

Step Forward College Life Needs Brochure (Click to Download)