Youth Citizenship


This team focuses on students in middle and high school with projects designed to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by disadvantaged youth. Goals include keeping kids in school and on track, high school graduation and reducing youth violence. These are key principles of the White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative launched in 2014, adopted by the City of Shreveport and stewarded by this team.

Collaborative Action Projects:

  • Develop and implement a school-based community center model
    • Held three school-based family expos with community partners offering educational classes and resources for parents
  • Provide parent education through “Parents Raising Winners” classes in pilot schools
  • Recruit and train mentors for middle- and high-school students
  • Promote ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) training for community partners and launch a communitywide campaign to raise awareness of trauma and promote trauma-informed policies in schools
  • Provide ACE training for school principals, counselors and faculty
  • Analyze district-level data to determine factors contributing to truancy and develop a white paper with recommendations for best practices



My Brother’s Keeper: President Obama Mentoring Legacy


My Brother’s Keeper initiative